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An album thought lost in 2003, today restored in its original form at Cyberghetto Studio.
A Shinto sonic ritual about the purity / sacredness of paper (in Japan the pronounce of ‘paper’ and ‘gods’ - “kami” - is similar since
ancient times) translated in a long cathartic path of one hour divided in four moments of purification, spaced out from a crescendo of
meditative steps.
Like in the previous “Løvstakken” (Dark Vinyl, 2001) the analog electronic parts have been extemporised, giving them an exotic
touch which harmonizes with the esoteric source of the concept.
Lyrics / vocal experimentations from Sydney Wheeler Jephcott’s “White Paper”.

ALBUM PREVIEW: youtu.be/C2xkxHWyFk0


released November 1, 2016

Engineered, mixed and produced by Luigi Maria Mennella.
All music and vocals performed and partially extemporized by L.M. Mennella.
Artwork and graphics by Luigi Maria Mennella.
Packaging by sonorize.me
Mastered by Giovanni Indorato at Cyberghetto Studio.
Released by Beyond…Prod. during November 2016.
Thanks to Yoshihiro Kikuchi for his precious help in translation.



Luigi Maria Mennella Italy

Luigi Maria Mennella is a poly-instrumentalist / singer active since the late 80's. He has a very heterogeneous and open- minded training / production and overall artistic activities.
He's the mind and unique performer behind the musical projects F.ormal L.ogic D.ecay, En Velours Noir and Furvus.
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